About Us


Red Tie Music, a division of Thomas Road Baptist Church with Pastor Jonathan Falwell, is a music company that produces, publishes and distributes Christian music and related materials throughout the United States and in many other countries.

The Red Tie Music company was named to honor beloved church and university founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, who always wore a red tie. Many have contributed to the dream and development of Red Tie over the past seven years; but Dr. Vernon Whaley, Charles Billingsley, and Don and Lorie Marsh gave final shape to the plan and officially launched the company and the site in February, 2011. (See individual bios for more information about these collaborators and others who are an ongoing part of Red Tie).

Red Tie is a link between the world and the music and songs coming from the student songwriters, alumni, faculty and staff at the Center for Worship at Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church. Our contributors are continually working to craft new songs with a message of truth in original, fresh arrangements and orchestrations. The excitement of worship at Thomas Road and Liberty University is captured in the music of Red Tie, and new songs are being added to the catalog on a continual basis. Already, several Red Tie copyrights have climbed the CCLI charts and are being sung in thousands of churches worldwide with songs that have been translated into Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean and Spanish.

Our commitment is to support TRBC’s mission to develop Christ followers who love God and love people. The goal of Red Tie is to fulfill the mission of TRBC by providing worship resources for the evangelical community.

• To serve the church of America and around the world with songs of faith and worship
• To bring excellence to all we do for the purpose of bringing glory to God
• To continually grow in personal and corporate integrity
• To honor and respect one another
• To honor God through stewardship of our resources


• Proclaim the wonders of God through concert, performance presentation, publishing, recording, radio, television, and internet communication
• Provide the “TRBC Weekly Worship Experience” for the broader evangelical community
• Partner with LU Center for Worship, LU Ministry Teams, and LU student body for the purpose of developing young talent as songwriters, artists, worship leaders and worshiping musicians

Red Tie has chosen to use the Internet as the primary vehicle of delivery through their own website, (www.redtiemusic.com), and their digital partners (www.lifewayworship.com) and (www.praisecharts.com). Many Red Tie songs are also available in physical print through their partners including LifeWay Music at LifeWay Christian StoresPrism Music and other publishing companies.

Our offices are located in Lynchburg, Virginia, on the campus of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. See Contact Us for more information.